We are now into our 40th Year and


             3 Generations of farming

                         Kona Coffee 


          A Family Farm and Business, we are            committed to producing and processing

the highest quality Kona coffee.  Our

customers are most valued and we provide


The Best 


                           100% Pure 

        Kona Purple Mountain



     With passion and respect for the

          aina (land) , we implement

            organic farming methods.










                                KONA PURPLE MOUNTAIN
                            100%  PURE KONA COFFEE



                 One of the rarest and best tasting gourmet coffees in the world!

        Unsurpassed Quality and Freshness from our farm direct to you


Located in Honaunau at 2,000’ Kona Purple Mountain Coffee is on the western slope of Mauna Loa, the Kona side of the Big Island, Hawaii; a prime location with optimal conditions for growing EXCELLENT coffee.

Our single origin estate handcrafted Kona is produced and processed implementing traditional methods. From beans to your cup, all prime location with optimal conditions for growing excellent coffee processing is done on-site and is  100% sun dried on “hoshidana” (wooden platform deck), and NO chemcials, NO pesticides of any kind.  ALWAYS FRESH ROASTED, our Kona  is absolutely one of  the finest  coffees in the world.


                                                                 (808) 315-0785